Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Eat your heart out Celine Dion!...

Stereotypes are ugly things from which a lot of ignorance and hate usually stem. But the stereotype that the Asian culture is border-line obsessed with karaoke, is 100% correct! As a chance to experience all that is popular in Taipei, we teachers and some of our students got together and went to a little place on the corner right off of Jingmai Station called "Holiday KTV." Karaoke joints are different from what we think of in America. You don't sing in public, you rent a room with your friends and you only sing with them. We walked into this small, corner lot store, only to be redirected to room 123 in the basement level. I passed the workers, dressed in pressed white shirts, vests, checkered tie, and prim black pants and wearing head-sets. These official looking, old-fashioned-movie-type workers directed us to the largest room they had. They pointed out where the buffet was, at the end of the second hallway, and then gave us the song directory book. We all walked in to this (I'm guessing) 20x30 room, catching notice of the two flat-screen TVs, three sparkling black and silver tables, a podium and chair, a couch that ran the entire length of the room and around one corner, and three microphones, the walls padded with sound-proof panels. After checking out the VIP room, we put our things down and went to grab some grub! :) (Man, that's fun to say) All sorts of Taiwanese appetizers and mini-main dishes were laid out along with tons of different drinks and a couple desserts. Once we got back into the room, we fired up the machine and started picking our songs. Now, even though we are in Taiwan, they still had quite a few English songs. Of course, the English songs they DO have, are at least ten years old. So we deemed it "return to high school" night, as we belted out versions of our old favorite boy band and pop princess songs. We also sang a bunch of movie theme songs, including Disney songs, but mostly...(Lord help me) "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic. Eat your heart out, Celine! We rocked the house. Not once did we sing individually. We all took turns holding the microphone as we put our arms around each other and swayed back and forth. It's amazing how memories of old songs bring out the crazy sides of our personalities. We were up and dancing half the time, sitting and laughing at others' performances the other half. Lots of great pictures! A few of my students were there and man, did they prove the fact that they love karaoke! Stuart let his hair down for sure. He picked so many songs! The boy loves to sing songs from this one musician. Can't remember the name...granted, I can't remember how to say hello half the time. I had such a great time. Anyone feel like investing in a KTV place in the States??

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