Monday, 18 August 2008

WHAT is the theme?...

Out to dinner at our favorite dumpling house last night, conversation took a turn to other restaurants. We got on the topic of unusual products or themes that we've come across in our time here. Someone mentioned that at Danshui, the Coney Island-like place in the city, one of the prizes a person could win at one of the game stands was a two-foot tall, inflatable, brown swirly pile of poop. The 13 year old boy part of my crazy sense of humor immediately found this hysterical. Then Theresa told us about a restaurant somewhere in the city that one of her students had told her about. Apparently, this restaurant's theme... is the bathroom. The chairs are toilets, the table is a giant sink that has a glass top that looks like it's filled with water, and the food is all served in miniature toilets. Is it bad that I want to go to this restaurant??

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