Wednesday, 27 August 2008

My Family-Mart Man...

A couple weeks back, I discovered and became acclimated to the Family Mart on the corner near my hotel. As the sliding glass door glided to the right and the 11-note entry bell song announced my arrival, I walked in and was immediately greeted by a very enthusiastic man who seemed to be almost excited to see me. I was slightly taken aback by his English greeting, but I went and grabbed what would become "my usual," Pear Iced Tea. Obviously noticing that I was American, this smiling cashier grabbed my drink from the counter on which I set it on, and started questioning me about the show "Friends." I had to laugh. When I told him it was my favorite show, he lit up. He clasped his hands together and bounced as he fired questions about my opinion on episodes or characteristic traits. My personal favorite moment was when he declared his love for Jennifer Aniston and told me that Brad Pitt is "so stupid" for ever breaking up with her.
Since this little Family Mart is only one block away from our hotel and makes an easy and quick stop for something to drink, a bite to eat, or batteries for my battery-eating camera, I have made it part of my lifestyle here. And every time I go in and "my Friends guy" is there, we always talk about it. He has even deemed me with a nickname..."Rachel."

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