Monday, 18 August 2008

Taiwan TV...entertaining even if I don't understand it...

A month is a long time to be away from not only home, but also the American culture as well. At the risk of sounding like an "outside culture hating" individual, I have to admit that one of the things that I do miss is my couple TV shows. So, a few days into the trip I turned on the TV in my hotel room in desperate hopes of finding something in know, for that little "touch" of home. Sure enough, I found HBO and a couple other movie channels, but in my scan-through, I found some pretty interesting shows/channels. One of the first things I came across, was the Karaoke TV..which is exactly what it sounds like. It's just individuals standing in front of a green screen, singing a song karaoke style as the words span across the screen. I guess they take their karaoke seriously...they have to practice at home. There are many channels with 'childrens' programs, which include crazy cartoons whose voices don't match (not even close) the mouths and possessed looking traditional chinese puppets. Of course, one of my personal favorites, is the home-shopping!! Their choices of jewelry and techniques of selling, has me rolling!! American home-shopping is all about the cheesy fake enthusiasm while here, it is insane, over the top excitement. No matter how funny some of these shows are...I still miss Project Runway, So you think you can dance, and Sex and the City!

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